Eurasian Milfoil Treatments to Happen Wednesday, May 31st

Aquatechnex biologists will be treating the harmful introduced aquatic plant species Eurasian Milfoil at a number of Park Beaches on Wednesday, May 31st.  Eurasian Milfoil poses a threat to swimmers and can also impact rescue efforts if a swimmer is in trouble.

We will be using a US EPA and Washington Department of Ecology approved product that selectively targets this invasive aquatic species.  On Tuesday we will be posting signage at park locations where treatment will occur.  There is a 3 day restriction on drawing water from the treatment area of the lake to irrigate.  There is also a 24 hour swimming precaution and the City will be closing the beaches for this period.

The treatment map can be viewed at

You can zoom into a location and view it.  You can also enter an address and zoom to that location to see if this affects your property.  The yellow treatment polygon shows area to be treated.  The blue buffer polygon shows WA DOE Required Water Use Restriction Zone.  The restrictions that will be posted on lake shoreline areas within the blue buffer are a 24 hour swimming precaution and a 3 day irrigation restriction if you draw lake water to irrigation with.


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